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This Is A.A.
(An introduction to the A.A. recovery program.)

Frequently Asked Questions About A.A.
(Answers to specific questions about A.A.)

Is A.A. for Me?
(Twelve illustrated questions to help break denial; easy-to-read format.)

Is A.A. for You? 
(Twelve questions to help break denial.)

A.A. for the Woman
(Eight women’s stories and information about A.A.)

Too Young?
(Illustrated stories of six teenagers; twelve questions to help break denial.)

Newcomer Asks
(Fifteen questions and answers to help newcomers.)

A.A. for the Older Alcoholic—Never Too Late
(Eight stories of A.A. members who came to A.A. when they were over sixty.)

Do You Think You’re Different?
(Fourteen stories of very different A.A. members who are now “special” together.)

The A.A. Member—Medications and Other Drugs
(A.A. members’ experience with med- ications and other drugs.)

Where Do I Go from Here?
(For people leaving treatment and corrections facilities; tells of continuing help offered by “outside” A.A.)

A Brief Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous
(Offers general information about A.A. and explains the program in simple language.)

A.A. and the Gay/Lesbian Alcoholic
(Sober gay and lesbian alcoholics share their experience, strength and hope.)

A.A. for the Black and African American Alcoholic
(Black/African Americans share their stories).


Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous
(What A.A. is and isn’t, its primary purpose, sponsorship, a home group, the Steps and Traditions and basic recovery tools. Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired; 15 minutes.)

A.A. Videos for Young People
(A.A. members who got sober in their teens and early twenties relate their experiences in A.A.)

A New Freedom
(Filmed inside correctional facilities in the U.S. and Canada, a diverse group of A.A. members share about participating in A.A. in prison and their sobriety as a result of the Twelve Steps and involvement in the A.A. Fellowship; 30 minutes.)

Alcoholics Anonymous—An Inside View
(Depicts alcoholics, recovering in A.A., going on about their daily lives, attending A.A. meet- ings and other gatherings; 28 minutes.)

A catalog and order form of A.A. Conference-approved literature, videos and other material are available from the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous, Box 459, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163

A.A. World Services (General Services Conference) Web Site

A.A. 12 Concepts of World Service (short form)

A.A. 12 Steps & 12 Traditions

A.A. Fact Sheet

A.A. Grapevine or La Vina Online

A.A. Group Information Change Form

A.A. Guidelines

A.A. New Group Form

A.A. Regional Map (US & Canada)

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