AA Speaker tapes

There are web sites which host thousands of AA speakers and audio files of our literature.   You can find the Big Book on audio.  Most recordings are approximately one hour long.  Our message is timeless from and the tapes are fom the 1940’s through yesterday.  Some are on  video hosting sites however most are  mp3 files or other audio formats without a video.

Listed below is  s small sample of the categories and topics of speakers available through a web search.

AA Speaker
Top-Rated Tapes
Top-Rated Speakers
Funny Speakers
Famous Speakers
Tapes for AA Newcomers
Major Terms/Themes/Phrases
Step 1-12 Speakers
Big Book for Dummies
Mental Obsession & Phenomenon of Craving
Joe and Charlie Big Book Study
Self-Centered Fear & Anxiety
Depression & Hopelessness
Emotional Sobriety
Higher Power/Spirituality/God
Spiritual Experience
Prayer & Meditation
FOTS (Freedom of the Spirit)
LGBT Speakers
Women Speakers
Written Inventory
Sex & Relationships
AA Traditions
AA Pioneers
Step Workshops
AA Conference Tapes
Young People in AA
Local Meeting Speakers

The files or ‘tapes’ of AA speakers are often hosted on non-AA sites with ads or requesting funding.  We are not affiliated with those outside hosting sites.   As a district we have chosen not to attempt to host files directly yet we recognize audio recovery on demand can be exceptionally useful.

We are as different as the available topics and our needs and tastes change.   The message is available at any local meeting and on hundreds of sites in various formats.  AA has a wrench to fit every nut.

Take what you need and leave the rest.

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